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1998 V70XC blow by question

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  • 1998 V70XC blow by question

    I just purchased a clean 1998 V70XC with 172k miles from a local tow company for $10.00. The car had no key, so I made a sidewinder key and found the car runs strong, trans shifts correctly, and tires are good. The windows and sunroof didn't work, but a junkyard master switch for driver's door did the trick.

    The PCV system inflates a nitrite glove, so it needs service. No blow by comes from the dipstick tube when pulled out a few inches while idling after driving 15 minutes, no blow by from the oil fill either. I do smell blow by when car has high rpms. Might a PCV kit solve this issue?

    BTW, this car is fast and handles great. Better than my last Outback!

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    You're going to get a burning oil smell in the high rpm range with a clogged pcv system. That much is normal and to be expected. Also just because you have pressure in the valve cover that does not mean it has to be smoking out of the dipstick tube to indicate a clogged pcv system. Generally smoking out of the dipstick only starts to occure (in this scenario) when you have a severely clogged pcv system. Replacing the oil separator box and the hoses should resolve the issue. Make sure to verify the ports in the block are clear also. I like to scrape out any gunk that might be in the visible portions and then blow into them through a piece of hose to verify they are 100% clear. Part number for the OEM pcv kit is 114174. The IPD brand pcv kit part number is 124712. Hope this fixes your problem 👍.


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      in the ones I've done its been the hoses. the box has been fine. big job though. might want to forget it. plenty of writeup on how to do it. don't listen to roumores of not having to r and r the intake. I would buy all four hoses and clamps skip the box, buy intake gasket, 5 mm vac hose. check the opening on the PVC heater disk on the turbo side of the hose, but dont drill it out as some do. also make sure the oil drain from the box is open by poking a Wrie in there down to the oil pan. the intake bracket lower bolt put on loose and once all is done tighten last. Not easy to get to them. good job to get your Japanese girl friend to help with her small hands. make sure the drivers side of the intake is sitting flat on the block before tlightning. make sure you have a full set of wobble extensions in quarter and 3/8.


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        I forgot that you have to use only Volvo hoses. anything else will last less than a year. assuming the chinneese who own volvo arnt making them.