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Oil Pan Gasket Question

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  • Oil Pan Gasket Question

    Hello All:

    I am currently undertaking the oil pan gasket replacement and let me tell you, it is a doozy. These gaskets are destroyed. I have everything cleaned and all the new gaskets installed.
    The next thing to do is the anaerobic gasket maker. Any tips on how to install?
    I have read that this stuff dries rather quickly, so you should attempt to put the pan back in place a few times before putting the gasket maker on.
    I have also read that you should use a foam roller.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    what a job that must be. I can't help you but I always thought that when I finely do this im dropping the sub frame so I have plenty of room and don't have to bend the dohicky up or cut it off. Not sure why its there but dont want to have rust starting on the destroyed metal. The IPD skid plate uses it as a mounting. Ive heard to only use Volvo anaerobic sealer but since you probably got the Permtex already its probably fine. also make sure you replace all the O rings on the oil pump pick up which is probably why you are in there. use volvo seals only, 250 degree oil really tears up cheap rubber biscuits. wishing the best.


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      Thank you for your response tardcart. I used a kit and it came with Permatex, which seems to be holding up well. Now that the oil pan seal ticking is gone, I can clearly hear the hydraulic lifter tick.