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98' V70R Suspension

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  • 98' V70R Suspension

    Im looking to replace my shocks/struts on my V70R. I was thinking for the front:
    - Bilstein B4 Touring for up front with upper spring seat and strut mounts. (Opions?)
    - Would you do Control Arms while in there? (Yes/No) If so, does anyone know if its a 2 or 4 bolt system? (2/4)
    For the rear:
    - Does anyone know if this model has normal shocks or Nivomat shocks? (Normal/Nivomat)

    Not looking to auto-cross, just for a performance ride that doesn't feel every pebble in the road

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    my favorite for my old 98 v70r was koni yellows. They might be discontinued. I've had BC, Blisten, Stock, Koni by far my favorite. If the yellow are gone, for the R i'd go with the Koni red, which I believe are 20 percent off. My experience with suspension parts, get the volvo parts because aftermarket don't last. For the control arms, look and see if the bushings are fine, if they're fine then I wouldn't replace them. Mine had the 4 bolt system, just look them and you'll see what kind you'll have. The R model comes from the factory with Nivomats, but over the years it could have been replaced with regular shocks.

    4 or 2 bolt