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  • Timing belt question

    I have a receipt for a timing belt job that was done on my 98 S70 GLT in 2016. The receipt give a part number for the kit as TIMKIT005. My question is did this include the tensioner? There are only 2 references to that part number on google. Neither answer my question. My understanding is that these mechanical tensioners can break. The car only has 8000 miles on the belt but 4 years. Should I be concerned?


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    In this case the first step is to identify the manufacturer. If the receipt does not list the parts manufacturer you should look at the timing belt itself and find any markings or writing that is on it. Generally almost any belt is going to have white or yellow writing that says the manufacturers name. When you have the name of the manufacturer you can find the timing belt kit they sell and see if it comes with a tensioner.


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      Thanks. I will try that.