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Tire Pressure and clearance

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  • Tire Pressure and clearance

    I bought a 1998 V70 T5 with a manual transmission recently. I ended up installing ipd lowering springs, Bilstein touring shocks/struts, and 17 in pegasus wheels. The tires are 225/45 ZR 17 Generals. I have noticed that the tires in the rear rub slightly on the outer edge over bumps if the car has some load in the back. I have also noticed the tires in the front will rub on full wheel turn. I'm wondering if these tires/ wheels may be too large for this set up or if its possible I did something wrong during the install of the suspension parts. I'd also like to know what tire pressure is ideal for this set-up. Right now I have it at the recommended pressure for the stock wheels and the ride is pretty rough. Thanks!

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    Those tires are a little too large for the P80. Look at tire sticker on car, it will tell you proper size as well as pressure. 205 45 17 should be correct I believe