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2000 AWD S70 sedan 2.4L nivomat - standard shocks need advice

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  • 2000 AWD S70 sedan 2.4L nivomat - standard shocks need advice

    Hey everyone,
    I am about to replace my front end (everything) tie rods, struts, (springs still good)

    I want to remove the Nivomats from the rear and put standard shocks on while im doing all this work but I am worried the springs I buy are not going to fit. I've been reading threads of people doing this successfully on front wheel drive models but I haven't seen much info as far as doing this on a AWD xc70/cross country or my car.

    I called IPD but they were only able to tell me what shocks to buy. THESE:

    the springs are my biggest dilemma. These are the springs I had in mind.

    the springs say they are only compatible with FWD models. If I select AWD models they show these springs for XC70. since my car is basically a S70 turbo with a XC70 transmission I think these are what I might want???

    the description says: This is the HD or overload version of the direct replacement coil. This may sit slightly higher than stock in some conditions but the difference should be minimal. Coils should always be replaced in pairs for best results.

    *Not for models with self leveling shocks or R models.

    Not for models with self leveling shocks is the part that gets me. I am not going to have self leveling shocks in there anymore so would these work?
    they say overload version so im assuming they are stiffer than the springs with the nivomats currently on there and this paired with the shocks I linked above might actually work?

    Does anyone have any experience with this on AWD volvos?

    Thanks for reading. cheers!

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    Nivomat springs are SOFTER than standard because of how they work.
    overload springs are not necessarily a higher spring rate but are usually longer/taller therefore raising the vehicle slightly over factory ride height giving you the increased weight capacity.
    Maybe try the rear overload coils with a replacement shock.


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      yeah. thats what i am thinking. I'll keep looking around too just in case someone has done this. I just dont want to buy the overload springs and then they dont end up working. This is not going to be cheap. I'm reading threads on just getting the old springs removed can take 2 hrs each side. @100hr my mechanic is going to be rich and I will go broke.


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        I know someone who has done it on several P80 I should have info shortly


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          Here it is. These are volvo parts so volvo part numbers. Either go to volvo or find the aftermarket equivalent.

          Volvo shock #9461631 or #9492049
          Volvo spring #9203935
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            You're welcome