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Need Help With Coolant Leak

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  • Need Help With Coolant Leak

    I have a coolant leak and found this hose (sorry if it's hard to see in the picture) that appears to be the culprit. This is behind the engine, passenger side. It looks swollen and seems to be spitting coolant everywhere.

    My question is about the bolt right above it. It is directly above that small coolant line and appears to have a spring on it. Is this potentially something that could be leaking coolant as well? Or is he just an innocent bystander?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I misspoke. Innocent bystander. Change the hose but be sure to get the correct type. Don't use common rubber hose. It won't last and it could be a catastrophic failure if you don't look at your guage every 30 seconds while driving
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      Thanks! I appreciate the help!


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        IPD sells a silicone version of that little piece of hose, if that one is leaking the I would assume some other coolant hoses are not far behind it. Every charge pipe elbow and coolant hose is silicone in my car. Having done all that it exposed a week link in the cooling system as I recently blew a heater hose, which is quite common on 850/v70 because it sits in a location That gets lots of heat oil blowby that deteriorates the rubber. I would recommend a good stage 0 and replace or upgrade all the hoses.


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          To address the bolt with spring on it, that is a heatshield bolt and the spring is to damp vibrations and allow for expansion/contraction of the shield versus the manifold.
          I thought that I commented on your post earlier but, at any rate the oil leak that has ruined the hose needs to be fixed. You can use any decent gas/oil impervious hose which can be bought at about any parts emporium. I personally prefer IPD; as my pocket book will attest to. Just tell Ken that Dane sent you!