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  • Leaking Gas Tank

    gas tank.docx Early 1998 V70 XC After filling tank at the station, fuel leaks out of a bump (PLUG?) on the passenger side of the gas tank.gas tank.docxThe attached photo show a plug on the passenger side, the gas appears to becoming out about midway front to back. Is it fixable with a new gasket? If so, which gasket?
    Thank you all,
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    gas tank.docx


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      It's kind of hard to tell in your pic where exactly the gas is leaking from. Is it the lil green guy you're talking about? I can check VIDA on Monday when I'm back at work and see if there is any kind of o-ring or gasket you may need.
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        Hi Paul
        No,not the green one. I think that is the breather tube.
        slide to the far right, past the yellow fill neck. On the far right side. Black, Sticking straight out. about 2 inches
        It reminds me of the big cork that would be used in an oak whisky barrel!
        It seems to be leaking around the cork as it sticks into the tank. Like it has a gasket.
        It has no wires, or tubing that comes out of the cork.
        Can't tell if it somehow expands to create a seal.
        Maybe some sort of access hole for cleaning the tank?

        Thanks for your help.
        i am in your system
        I'm the guy that lives in the dalles
        Stopped by on Friday and picked up a ignition switch.
        Call me if you want.

        Click image for larger version

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          Here's a diagram of the gas tank I referenced on the phone!
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          Customer Service guy | [email protected] | 800-444-6473 ext. 181


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            Hi Paul
            What is part number 54? That looks like a plug with a bolt that expands the plug to fit snuggly into a hole that is not visible in the picture.? Can you send the same diagram with the part numbers description listing # 54?