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Antenna won’t go down

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  • Antenna won’t go down

    Recently purchased a 98 s70 for daily commuting purposes, it’s got 202k and obviously runs like a champ! One problem is my antenna will not retract when I turn the car or the radio off, I can hear the motor running when I turn it off and have tried to gently coax it but no success. Any one have a remedy? I don’t mind having to replace the entire assembly but want to try some fixes first.

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    Replace the mast. IPD sells them.


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      Robert DIY on youtube has a whole video on the removal and replacement. Very easy task, I did mine in about 30 minutes.


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        Robert DIY is sometimes miss leading! Anyhow... If the motor is running but nothing happens, then the gear that drives the plastic mast rack gears has striped it (the plastic mast gear teeth). So yes, re-mast it but look carefully at the drive gear at the bottom of the antenna housing.