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    Working on brake issues ...
    1) What is the correct flare nut wrench size for replacing front flex hoses? Closest size I could find is 7/16"
    2) What is the trick for preventing rounding off of the very soft flare nuts?
    3) What is the purpose of the 'brake position sensor on the booster? What does it do, how does it do it, and are there any typical problems with it?

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    11mm for the wrench
    use a flare nut wrench. It's a box end with a slit in it to get around the hose or line


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      Thank you! 11mm fits perfect. Now my next question - how to diagnose a bad wheel bearing without replacing it? I have a bit of a drone from the front somewhere, it's road speed dependent not engine speed dependent. Doesn't change with steering angle change or with acceleration vs. coasting, or with braking. I suspected winter tire noise but now have summers on and no change. If it's a bearing, How do I determine which side? THANKS for any input.


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        If you can find the this machine in the video below in your area then you can find the faulty wheel bearing because when you use this machine in every tyre you will hear the drone immidietly.
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