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Proper Transmission Fluid for 2000 V70XC AWD

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  • Proper Transmission Fluid for 2000 V70XC AWD

    My owner's manual says Dexron III is the proper transmission fluid for my AWD 2000 V70XC... but I saw somewhere someone mention a bulletin by Volvo saying that 1999 & 2000 need to run the JWS 3309 stuff (Mobil ATF 3309, Idemitsu TLS, Toyota T-IV.) So which is correct? I know these transmissions are expensive to rebuild and I am hoping to have this one last a very long time, so I want to treat it as best as possible. Anyone hear of this bulletin before?

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    So after a little more digging, I'm coming to the conclusion that someone elsewhere saying that JWS 3309 is needed for 1999+ had left out the crucial information that it only applies to 5 speed autos, not 4 speed autos like mine. I'll stick with the Dexron III like the Owner's Manual says.


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      Hi Brett, Dex III is the way to go so you're set!
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        Please don't forget to add a trans cooler and a filter to the system for longer transmission life
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