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99’ V70 Base introduction

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  • 99’ V70 Base introduction

    Hello forum users!

    I’m Stuart and this is my 99’ Volvo V70 Base automatic. I bought the car to daily drive and enjoy as well as carry all of my children. I’m excited to chat with some of you all as well as post what I can to spread the knowledge out there for these cool machines!

    EDIT: I ended up with some rather cool pieces from the salvage yard out of a C70. Unfortunately the SC-900 cd changer is trash making it un-useable with the grom audio adapter. However if anyone has a spare SC-901 headunit and (any of the wood trim you don’t see) they’d like to sell please message me!
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    NA cars are underrated if you ask me. I only recently purchased my first ever turbo car, a 99 V70 GLT. The turbo seems to work, but I admire the simplicity of just running off 5 cylinders. They're definitely capable engines on their own, and your ride is lookin' sweet my friend! Lots of little things fail on these cars as they get older, but with some love you'll get a ton of miles out of em'. Hopefully this forum will become a great source of info to keep these babies on the road for many years to come.
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      Plus, the NA is or was really, available with the M56 MANUAL 5 SPD which can be swapped into an autobox car like the T5-R or R 850


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      Why not today...


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        I did enjoy the NA engine with the manual when it was still roadworthy, I could floor it EVERYWHERE, hah Mine was also fairly loaded for a base model and I feel like the original owner really wanted a loaded manual wagon but probably couldn't get a T5M. Leather seats, moonroof, SC-816, climate control, front heated seats, etc. I do miss my V70 GLT though, they're quite peppy.
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          Thanks for the NA love! When I was younger I wouldn’t have settled for anything less then an R in my life. However, getting older with young children now I appreciate the simplicity, the reliability of an NA, and the fuel mileage!