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1998 S70 T5M Sloppy Shifts

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  • 1998 S70 T5M Sloppy Shifts

    Hey All - I have a 1998 S70 T5M with about 170K on it. The 5spd transmission grenaded itself about 30k miles ago, so it had it rebuild and, sadly, it's never been the same. Really slushy mushy shifts from gear to gear and an incredible amount of throw (I can move the stick like 4-5 inches left to right when the car is in gear).

    Well, now the Vo is my daily driver again and the mushy shifts are driving me nuts. The shop that did the work is out of business, so I'm trying to self-diagnose and possible repair. Any ideas? Shifter bushings? Linkages? I don't want to replace the transmission, but I'm open to any and all suggestions.


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    Replace shifter bushings


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      Any idea where I can find parts? Discontinued by Volvo. Haven't been able to find anything online. Even tried a few European (UK, Germany, Latvia) part suppliers but no dice.

      Shift Cable 9176272
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      Gear shift bushings 1381423
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