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2004 R M66 for sale $6490

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  • 2004 R M66 for sale $6490

    Looking to sell my V70 R-series: 6-speed manual; Fun car to drive.

    Since I bought it four years ago, there's been a lot done to it:
    * Clutch and flywheel
    * Timing belt, cam seals
    * Throttle body & updated wiring harness.
    * Strut towers
    * Transfer Case & AWD sleeve/coupler
    * CV boots all around.
    * Power steering reservoir
    * Windshield washer pump
    * Water Pump
    * Left outer tie rod
    * Control Arm bushings
    * Minor body repairs on right rear door and right rear quarter panel.
    * Front 4C struts (super expensive)
    * Both rear wheel bearings replaced.
    * Restored OEM R Pegasus wheels.
    * Added rear retractable cover
    * ...and more.

    Here's what needs to be done on it:
    * The AC works to a point. Then, the clutch assembly gap causes the AC to stop. Straight-forward fix that I have neither the time/energy to repair.
    * Front fog lights need to be replaced. I actually stopped using them long before they stopped working because they were super bright and bothering oncoming drivers.
    * The cup-holder-cover needs replaced.
    * The CD-player does not work.
    * Disconnected the front headlight wipers. They kept getting stuck in the "up" position.
    * Right rear window slow to close

    VIN: YV1SJ52Y642409968