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PCV "glove test" contradictions

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  • PCV "glove test" contradictions

    Hi all,

    I'm working on my daughter's 1998 V70XC. Here's the chain of events:

    •Replaced the PCV system a year ago

    •Turbo recently failed as evidenced by lots of oil splattering out the intercooler weep hole when revving the engine. Had the turbo rebuilt locally. The turbo had failed because the rubber diaphragm inside the bypass valve failed. Installed the turbo and I had a cam seal fail shortly thereafter. My local mechanic fixed the cam seal and said there's too much pressure in the crankcase. He measured with a vacuum gauge at the dipstick tube. Says PCV system needs re-done.

    •I did the Robert DIY "glove test" and it passes the test for the oil filler, meaning even when revving, the glove wants to be sucked into the engine, not puffing outward like a balloon. However, the glove test fails at the dipstick. When I put a glove finger on the dipstick it sits fine at idle, but when I rev the engine the glove finger puffs up.

    I'm concerned about blowing out more seals, as I don't think the blown cam seal was likely a coincidence. Anyone here run into this situation? I just had the intake manifold off only a year ago, and I'm not eager to take it off again, but I will if I have to. I just want to make sure it's nothing other than blockage in the trap box and/or block before I go after that.

    Any pointers on what it could be, or what would be easiest to try first before removing the intake manifold?

    If the turbo boost is somehow set too high or something, would it cause this?

    I'm trying to get my daughter's car back to her as soon as I can. I appreciate any help.

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    Resolved this by removing intake manifold, trap box on the block, etc. and even though I could hear the oil bubbling by pushing air through a heater hose through the lower port, I still cleaned it out again, putting a little Sea Foam in there and reaming it out with heavy square weedwacker line. Reassembled everything and that created good vacuum at the dipstick tube, not JUST up at the oil filler cap. So don't assume your PCV is clear enough just because you have good vacuum at the filler cap or even just because you know you've got air going through the lower port (hearing the oil bubble when blowing air through) because it still may be too clogged. Wish someone told me this a year ago.