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HVAC gasket -Where does it go?

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  • HVAC gasket -Where does it go?

    I was removing leaves and twigs from the cowl under the back of the hood. Decided it would be best to just remove it. Two issue popped up.
    1) Most importantly, I found this cloth gasket just flopping around. Looks like it could interfere with the functioning of the door (for recirculating? It would cut off outside air. )
    I was tempted to just cut it out but I'm sure it has a purpose, likely even a good one. Can't see where it went. Don't recall seeing it when I replaced the fan/rheostat 2 years
    2) The little "chutes" on the cowl don't insert in the drainage holes. About 1 cm short. Also they don't quite line up 100%, maybe 80%. That said, I didn't find any debris in there
    or any evidence of water pooling up in the area,so maybe they are functioning well anyway.

    Any insight appreciated.