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2005 Volvo S80 - Where do you put the boost gauge?

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  • 2005 Volvo S80 - Where do you put the boost gauge?

    I have always thought it was strange for any 'turbo' car to not have a boost gauge or indicator of some kind. these are important to let you know if the turbo is functioning correctly. i decided to install an aftermarket 52mm gauge in my car, but the question was where do you put it?
    i have seen pictures, where boost gauges have been installed next to the factory stereo, using a special bezel of some kind. however i was not crazy about this location, because i have plans to upgrade the head unit to a new double din touch screen. there will be no room for a gauge at that point.
    next thing i found, was a really expensive ($160+) trim piece that you can swap in front of your factory instrument cluster. taking out the old trim and installing this new trim, gives you 1 or 2, 52mm gauge pods. the draw back i saw with this (outside of the price tag) was that the location of the pods seem to cover the information center locations. that just didn't work for me either.
    then i saw here on IPD, where they mounted one in the upper left of the dash, at the bottom of the pillar. i thought maybe... but it just didn't seem to fit for me. so here is what i came up with:
    my car had the lesser of the 2 factory stereos, so it did not have a center speaker in the dashboard. there was just a spot where a speaker could go. my metal cover was actually broken anyway and was just sitting in the opening on the speaker mount (which has no speaker). so i thought.. this would be the perfect spot for a couple of gauges.
    it took some time for me to find a dual pod with the right dimensions to fit in the hole like i wanted. then i cut and trimmed out the speaker bracket that screws to the dash, to allow the pod to mount from the underside. this allowed me to make it lower on one side and kinda keep it level with the eye line. then i removed the metal screen from the plastic cover for the speaker, and cut/trimmed out a hole, so it would slide over the top of the pod. then wrapped the edges around the bracket, and pressed it all snugly back in the dash. the screen cut is a bit rough, but i love how it looks. Let me know what you guys think.

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    Installing gauges in your car at various locations is really dependent on what works best for you. If you like it, than its all good.


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      I believe Gauges should be about function over form; you picked a great spot to locate them without hacking up a dash or your A-pillar - a new replacement grill is a relatively easy part to locate... I'd be on the hunt for one at a low price now so you have it on-hand should you ever decide to pass your S 80 along to someone else to enjoy. They are probably something you'd want to remove prior to selling as I can see them being a deterrent to sales price to most people on the hunt for an S80.

      As Sin said above the primary thing here is to make it suit you...and you've nailed that!
      Two thumbs up 👍👍
      2006 S-80 - the daily
      2005 V70R - recent purchase - stage zero work in progress
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        That's nice! I'm not a fan of A pillar anchor points either, I looked for a HUD boost gauge a few years ago but gave up eventually.
        I sort of think the base radio is a big plus because it lets you put all sort of goodise up there - back up cam monitor,rear seat monitor,Parrot Bluetooth screens,, etc. Put it under the grill and you have a sunshade, pretty cool. {My wife was less than enthusiastic about my idea of putting my nook there however even after I pointed out that I was less likely to fall asleep if I was reading a book.}


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          Was out for a drive yesterday and snapped a quick pic to post.