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  • P0016 And P0017

    Hey there Y'all! Glad to see this forum on it's feet.
    I've had a problem pre and post Timing Belt change.
    I am getting the above referenced codes from he'll problem is, they were there before the belt change. They are still there, so either Exhaust VVT hub is toast or it's all 3 CCC sensors. Any ideas ......Bueller??

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    As you have probably discovered by this time; typically if you're getting those codes following a belt change it would indicate being a tooth off somewhere...If you did the belt change because of wear, there is a chance you jumped a tooth prior to the change and installed the new belt that same tooth off. Personally, I never throw parts at a code until I verify, so I'd be inclined to check and verify the static timing is correct first, Also if you can get access to Vida/Dice the condition (high or low) of the fault code will direct you as well; a low state is indicative of static timing error, whereas a high state *may* indicate a bad VVT.
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      Sweed-ish...Thanks for the reply as you can tell, I haven't worked on this since my post. I have a good feeling the exhaust cam hub is toast. There's just so much play in the in n out so I will try and readjust the belt side timing as the cam alignment on last check was good.
      Thanks so much.....Peas