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  • Need help finding a part

    I have a wicked coolant leak and I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to find the whole hose assembly. I am totally out of the loop on how to handle this - usually they can help me figure this stuff out at cost less auto parts but not this time.

    04 S80 T6 - coolant leak was found on a hose coming out of a metal pipe. I was told it looks like it’s part of the turbo’s coolant lines. 2” Metal pipe with 3 small hoses (3/8 Inside Diameter) coming of of the end to the right of and behind the motor towards the back. I tried to swap out one of the 3 hoses coming out of this metal pipe that was spraying when I rev’d the engine up.I was unaware of what I was doing at the time but I accidentally wiggled one of the hose couplers out of this metal pipe and then bent/possibly cracked one of these 3/8”penis shaped couplers that attach the 3/8 ID hoses to this metal pipe when I was trying to force in back in there. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to reinsert this coupler or if I need to replace the whole hose assembly. Either way I can’t find a replacement coupler or the hose assembly online anywhere and they couldn’t find it at the part store either.

    Sorry if I seem hopelessly dumb, I am new to not being able to have a part looked up and ordered at the auto part store. I will try to get some pics

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      I searched this part number and have found a few thing which I’m surprised nobody at an auto part store could accomplish. What I really need is this little coupler thing it was pretty fragile and was not easy to get back into that hole in the pipe.
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