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4 Check Engine Codes come and go. Odometer and Cruise not working.

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  • 4 Check Engine Codes come and go. Odometer and Cruise not working.


    I love this car and want to get it working well, I greatly appreciate any and all help.

    2004 S80 T6 Twin Turbo.

    I have some engine codes that come on and then go off.

    When I fill the tank all the way up the car throws codes P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow, and P0497 EVAP system Low Purge Flow. the MIL is ON at this point always. After driving down the gas level to just below half way, the MIL goes off and the codes go away. The car also is noticeably more responsive and faster with less than half a tank and no MIL.

    Another problem occurs under boost. I will give it gas on the freeway to pass someone, and the boost seems to surge and then slow. It like its fluttering or boosting on, off, on, off, you can feel it like pulsing with speed and a slight inconsistent acceleration feeling. This only happens when I hold the gas down for more than a couple of seconds.

    Also there a code that seems to always come up P0507 Idle Control System RPM - Higher than expected. I have no idea, or dont see any symptoms about this yet.

    On the dash it has a warning "Brake Failure Stop Safely". However the brakes work OK. Code P0571 Brake Switch A Circuit is always on or pending.

    Odometer is basically not working.. it will go up like 1 mile for every 100 driven. Cruise Control Not working.

    Also when the AC compressor kicks on at a stop the car wants to lurch forward.

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