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Squeal on startup

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  • Squeal on startup

    There is a squeal on startup of my t5. I changed the oil seperator and the rubber tube that connects to the cylinder head. It did help with the engine vacuum but the squeal still exists.
    The squeal goes away after 20 seconds but it sounds terrible when first started.
    Looking for some help.

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    Check the tightness of your belts


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      Is it a sequel like a belt or more like a whistling sound? a clogged PCV system will cause this kinda whistling from the cam seals.


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        Das60Rlion is correct / Check drive belts / There are 2 belts Crank to A/C compressor is 1 belt Second belt is from A/C compressor to alternator / Both belts have tension units.


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          I had a start-up squeal just as described by Jgdbc1. It sounded like the belts and so I replaced both belts and tensioners. However, the squeal remained. I finally went to the dealer who said it was a leaking exhaust gasket. I didn't believe it and talked to the mechanic who agreed that it does sound just like a belt. He is a very experienced Volvo mechanic and I decided to let him do the repair. The replacement gasket was relatively inexpensive. The labor, however, was astronomical, as removal of the exhaust manifold is time consuming. I'm not sure it can be done without a lift. But, many $thousands later and the squeal is gone. If replacing the belts doesn't work for your case, the exhaust gasket might be the source.