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Low Beam Headlight Failure Message

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  • Low Beam Headlight Failure Message

    2005 Volvo V50 / Informant message / Low Beam Failure. Have replaced bulbs / Hella D2S
    Check Fuses /Good / Did replaced with new fuses / Have replaced relay R8 / high beam relay
    Verified grounds are good on both strut towers
    Both headlights intermittently flicker or go out at different times / No rhyme or reason.
    Have complete access to Mitchell on demand . Good wiring diagrams / Poor quality component locator diagrams
    Any thoughts or guidance appreciated.. Thank you

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    Update on my post /Attached scan tool (SnapOn Zeus)to vehicle and check CEM messages and data. Coded for failure both sides
    Found driver side headlight out /Swapped headlight bulbs side to side / Now passenger side out / Possible new bulb bad?? / Ordered new bulbs and should receive today
    I did remove the headlight assemblies from vehicle / pin checked the wiring harness for open / shorted wires / All wiring good
    I am starting to think I may have ballast issue I will update again as soon as I have more results.


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      Issue resolved.. Replace headlights bulbs second time... New bulbs have taken care of issue / Shocked that the first set of new bulbs went out after a couple weeks / Disappointed in Hella brand bulbs ....