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2005 XC70 - Fuel Smell / Leak

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  • 2005 XC70 - Fuel Smell / Leak


    our 2005 XC70 T2.5 does appear to leak fuel. It can be smelled around the back and side of the car, but only after topping up the tank. It disappears after driving for a while (150 km). The issue came and went, but appears to be consistent now after filling the tank. I did search the web about it and found heaps of info about a previous recall on certain XC70 models where the fuel pump would leak.

    So once the fuel level was low I did disconnect the battery and took out the back seat and had a look at the fuel pump assembly and could identify this was not the cause of the leak. The fuel pump assembly was a dusty and dry, but no visible signs of a leak and no smell either.

    When inspecting the underside of the car (as much as I could squeeze under the car without jacking it up) I was not able to find any visible leak (as the fuel level was low) but there was some indicator fuel may have been dripping from a hose that is running alongside the main tank filler hose. However, its very hard to get a good picture of this. I may try to use my phone next time or jack the car up a bit.

    Is this a common issue on XC70's and if yes, whats the best approach for a DIY repair and how to pin it down to the root cause ?
    Fuel economy is not impacted, but we currently avoid topping the tank completely and wonder how risky / dangerous it is to drive with this condition.

    Any feedback welcome.


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    I had the similar problem and it turned out to be the seal around the fuel leveler on the left side.In my 2004 V70 the fuel tank rest under the back seats and if you take out the seats there is 2 openings for fuel tank.Left one is the fuel level sensor and the seal is a bit loose and when I changed that the problem went away.On the right there was the fuel pump which I replaced so the seal on it was new.Worth a try.
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      Thanks for the feedback.

      This weekend I found the some time to take out the back seats again and had a look at the left side opening.
      It was the same round plate cover as on the right and beneath was theFuel Tank Sending Unit according to some diagrams.
      However, no cables where connected to it (there was a slim long plastic connector on top of it).
      It was all dusty and dry, no smell and signs of fuel leakage there.

      Is the Fuel Leveler / Fuel Tank Sending Unit to be connected to a cable at all times or exist cases where it does not connect to anything as in my case ?
      Unfortunately I did not take a picture, but I found this picture that shows the unit, also without any cable connected.

      Is there anything else I can look into before I get the tank dropped to get a better picture on where the filler hose connects to ?


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        If I underfstand you, you saw some indication that the tube that runs along side the fuel filler pipe may be leaking. It's a vent hose and I'm trying to think of how fuel level could affect it.
        fortunately, fuel goes to the injectors and vapors go to the evap canister and then to the engine. Should be simple but, seeing as how Volvo engineers designed it......
        Anyway, have you notice poor gas mileage? Then I'd look into a bad injector or 2, but you'd be throwing codes. And a faulty leak should throw a code too. But not if you have a full tank or a nearly empty tank, I think it only runs tests in the middle 1/2 range.
        regardless, next step is a smoke test locate the leak.