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Preservation of the V8, First Car for my kids in 15 years =)

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  • Preservation of the V8, First Car for my kids in 15 years =)

    Well needless to say I'm a big fan! I love the V8, I wish it was more widely available in other models. I recently was given a loner from the dealer ( a 2020 XC90 T6 ) LOVED IT so much that I had to do the return of the loaner first thing in the AM before the sales ppl showed up haha.

    anyways Love the V8 - Time for another short story, Had a T5 XC70 (it was stolen -that's yet another story) but, the T5 had worse Fuel consumption than the XC90 V8. Wow... Anyways...

    So, I decided yesterday, that I'm gonna keep my 2007 XC90 V8 sport for my kids as their first car, They are 5 and 3 ATM, its in Good shape, maybe better that good - its got some cosmetic imperfections..but that minor. What I want to know is... or gather your thoughts on is:

    Here's the question:
    If I want to have this car on the road for 20 more years, what parts do you think I'll require in future that might be hard to get that I should stock up on today to make maintenance easier?

    I bit of a loaded question I know. Its my daily driver (though these days I hardly see 200km a month). I have two sets of rims, and the rest is stalk.

    A few picks to make the post a bit more fun.

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    Yup, I know, I should engine swap with this - that will help make it competitive with the cars of the future =)


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      Originally posted by XCDan View Post
      Yup, I know, I should engine swap with this - that will help make it competitive with the cars of the future =)
      Maybe IPD should do a project car with the Noble M600 swap eh? eh? I think that would be a fun project!


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        So how's this as a start:
        • Bushings
          • Sub-frame
          • control arm
            • Are they replaceable, or do you have to replace the entire control arm?
          • engine mounts
        • Engine
          • Mass Airflow Sensor?
          • Fuel Rail Pressure sensor
          • Top End gaskets
            • for the plenum and above the head
        • AWD
          • Heldex filters
        • Steering & Suspension
          • hubs
        • Electrical
        • Interior
        To be honest I've has such great experience with my XCs over the years, beyond the regular maintenance no major failures ( knock on wood ).


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          My 2006, V8 Ocean race, currently @ 104K miles, only items needed:

          - Power steering pump at 90k miles - would whine when it was cold in the morning for about a year. Otherwise kept working. Had to pull the intake manifold to replace it.
          - Anti-Skid gyro module - still an occasional issue, get the message that it is disabled. I have a used replacement to swap it out.
          - Bushings - yes, I replaced the front struts and did the top pivot bearings and bushings and seats, all with IPD parts. Dealer could not figure out what the loud creaking was when you turn left, especially with engine off. LOUD cracking sounds. Dealer wanted to reface entire steering rack. It was not the rack.... Front struts with the heaver V8 engine take more abuse. Replaced at 100K miles.
          - Interior area, I have replacement plastic bits that flank the outsides of the front seats. Hard to find the Ocean Race specific "Oak" color, so I bought them a while ago. They are cracked from sliding in - out of front seats.
          Currently need exterior rubber trim around side windows. Dry rotting and peelng off. The thin tiny rubber that sits inside the chrome trim around the base of the windows. Also the rubber - plastic trim below the windshield on left and right, just outside the wiper area. Haven't found sources for either of those items yet.

          Otherwise.... all good... That Yamaha V8 is still silky smooth.


          • XCDan
            XCDan commented
            Editing a comment
            Thanks for your input, seat trim is a good one. and the lil plastic/rubber bits by the windshield.

            Been wondering about the rubber around the doors, they don't seem to be the original size anymore. they have shrunk - have you experienced this?

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          XCDan, yes I have. It used to stay garaged year round, but expanding cars and drivers in the family pushed it outside. I try to keep it in the shade most of the time, but the sun is still getting to the rubber bits around the windows. I'll need to take some pics and post.


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            These are the trim bits that are peeling, dry rotting, or cracking. Anyone know of a source? IPD, can you get them?

            Click image for larger version

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              I've not had that same issue, though some of the plastics are looking faded, a hit from a plastic restore such as Arm and Hammer works fine for a short period in my case. My climate is cold winters and dry summers. perhaps you are in heat? Could that be the cause?


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                Since posting, I had to repair the Power Steering pump. its a 2-3h job not terribly difficult. replaced the 3 idlers as well as the belt.

                I was looking to get a rebuild kit to repair the original pump, any one know of where such a seal kit for the 4.4L power steering pump can be found?


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                  Those rubber bits at the lower corners of the windshield, replace them now they actually keep a lot of crapola out of the tray below the windshield that feed air into your HVAC system. Mine (05 S80) crumbled while I was trying to apply a rubber dressing awhile back (about 15 years to late) and I just ignored the holes. I removed the tray earlier this year and there was some nice composting going on there. Even had some piled up around the fan inlet. Lots of black stuff too, maybe dirt, maybe mold, not sure but certainly looked like something that needs to be avoided.
                  I figured out what happens one rainy day a few weeks ago, when you get a lot of rain and there are leaves (acorns, twigs, crepe myrtle flowers, etc. falling on your car, the water flow washes them down that little hole. More than you would think. It looks like there is even a flow up the hood at city driving speeds, just enough.... But the rubber deflects the flora and the water drains out the drain holes, now I know why they are so large!

                  Buy 3 pair. I figure they are good for about 7 - 10 years.