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Camshaft Locking Tool Installation Process for P2 ?

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  • Camshaft Locking Tool Installation Process for P2 ?

    Hi All,
    A related question to earlier, and I realize this question could be super simple. I am planning to change the timing belt on my 2004 XC90 2.5 T5, and have purchased the IPD Camshaft Locking tool (SKU 120980); the one which goes on the back cams, not the one with four pins.)
    ... However ....
    I've not really seen any good tutorials for getting to the cams themselves such that I can actually use this tool.
    Is there a youtube/tutorial someone would recommend for actually *using* the (new generation) IPD camshaft locking tool?

    Referencing the attached photo, are the steps below needed to get to the backs of the cams (thus allowing me to lock the cams with the locking tool?)
    1) Remove the engine mount on top of the engine (Already removed in this photo)
    2) Remove the 2x12mm bolts which hold the wire harness bracket onto the aluminum "cover thing" (bolts already removed in this photo)
    3) Remove the aluminum cover thing (circled in red) ; which appears to be held by 2x14mm bolts, one which is partially covered by the aforementioned wire harness bracket.
    4) Remove each cam end covers with what looks like two allen bolts per cover (Both are circled in blue).

    Is the above process right? Are there missing steps?
    Is there anything noteworthy worth mentioning when putting things back together? Torque specs worth noting?

    - Mike

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    Hello Mike, please call 1-800-444-6473 and have one of us in CS give you a run down on the tool.