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xc90 Sunroof fix / workaround

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  • xc90 Sunroof fix / workaround

    I have a 2004 xc90 with sunroof that it will not open. I have tried all the easy stuff disconnect battery, 3 lock unlock procedures. looking for help.

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    Have you checked the fuse? It's 15A fuse number 26 under the cap on the left side of the dash. Page 145


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      Do you get the "alarm system service required" message? The sunroof is directly connected to the alarm module. Using the remote outside the vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, get inside and turn the key to on. The message will appear if there is a problem.

      Not sure if it's the same setup as the cars, but the alarm module may have failed, which is extremely common. Some people cut the module in half and repair it, others just replace it.
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        It's easy to get open. It could be a bad solder joint, CORROSION, a broken trace, etc. So it could be a cheap or even free repair.

        a can of electronic connection cleaner and some DIELECTRIC grease.


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          Have you looked on the SwedeSpeed forums? My problems started with the "alarm system service required" message. The problem is a battery built in to the module that corrodes onto the circuit board. I obtained the replacement module but haven't braved the steps to remove / replace it.

          The alarm module is located in the right from fender, requires removing the right front tire then the wheel liner.
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