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  • PV color code examples

    Hallo Leute!

    Fellow... Volvovinians? Volvites? Volvoles and Lemminks

    I'm trying to decide which shade green to paint my 544, and I'd like it to be a Volvo factory code even if it isn't technically year accurate. Does anyone have pictures of vintage color codes in the wild? The vintage paint chart examples are a good starting point, and I've seen some examples of the shade I'm going for, but it's difficult to tell if it's a custom shade or factory. This guy is what I'm dreaming of

    Really hope the link formatting works...

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    Thanks posting your question. This link,, should help you out. Have a great day.


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      Greetings fellow Volvinian! I must say that's some pro link formatting. Hit us up if you need anything else and thanks for joining up!
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        I've always really liked Volvo Sea Green 115-1.
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          Originally posted by IPD-Sin View Post
          Thanks posting your question. This link,, should help you out. Have a great day.
          Thanks! That's a good reference that I always manage to misplace, but color swatches online will always display differently on monitors versus the real world. For instance, I was at first leaning towards Pearl Grey, code 20, until I saw how it looked on a 544. My car's original code was a beige and after a lifetime of silver and beige ("champagne" '99 Corolla) cars I just can't do it.

          91 or 109 may be what I'm after, but ultimately I'm probably going to have to source some small cans so that I can paint a piece of metal and find out.

          Putting together a physical paint swatch collection may be a Grand Project for another year


          • IPD-Sin
            IPD-Sin commented
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            Yes, color swatches will be different when view online compared to viewing them directly from a provided swatch. Please keep us updated on your final color selection and can't wait to see the finish build.

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          After much Googling I was able to find two quick resources that helped me cement my color choice:

          The first one is primarily 544s. And while the links to the larger photos appear to be broken that page afforded me a glimpse of Olive Green in the wild. Compared to the online swatches where it looked far too dark for me, on a car that is the precise shade I'm after.

          The second link is all 1800s but includes examples of other color codes. Just in case these two resources help anyone in future visualize the end result of their project