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544 stout front sway bar?

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  • 544 stout front sway bar?

    Why yes, my posts will overwhelm this subforum as I go through my build xD

    IPD no longer offers the sway bars for the 544, and other suppliers who listed them have been out of stock.

    Is there an alternative to the IPD sway bar? Or good folks at IPD: will it ever be available again?

    Or could a front sway bar for the 122 be made to work? I have questions

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    The 122 bars wouldn't work. You might check with and see if they have any front bars available. Check with other members on for the rear bars. Hope this helps and good luck, let us know how your search goes.


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      Rebuilt 544 with sway bars front and rear. Steering wheel has very little friction, seems overly sensitive. Steering box adjusted per service manual, alignment completed by full computerized shop.


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        How's the restoration coming along other than the service updates you've complete so far? Let us know. Thanks.