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  • SU Identification?

    I just brought "Oskar" ('62 PV544) home and I'm trying to identify which carbs I have. One of my jet assemblies is leaking. The carb bore is 1.62" which is leading to the HS6 but they could be HS4. Going to see if anyone at IPD can help me from a photo. Thanks for any words of wisdom

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    Hi Lee, I just responded to your email and I'm more than happy to help you figure this out!
    Customer Service guy | [email protected] | 800-444-6473 ext. 181


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      Hi Lee:
      I'm Karl Lossonczy and like you have a 544 with same engine.
      From the genuine Volvo manual, under specifications for both B18B and B18D engines:
      carbs: SU-HS 6, size (air intake) 44.5mm (1 3/4").
      Your 1.62" carb is thus smaller and may have come from maybe a B16 engine (1961 & earlier),
      for which I have no manual or something British (MG-B).