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  • Links to Volvo TGB videos

    There are many videos available showing the Volvo TGB11/13/131X/20 series trucks doing amazing things. This is but the latest example.


    Jim Molloy

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    Great video. Thanks for posting.


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      You are quite welcome. My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it. EXPLORER Magazin out of Germany has released a series of videos on their "CNUT" project converting a TGB1314A ambulance into a spacious and well appointed camper. Here is a link to an English voice over the magazine released of the first video on the subject. As one can see, these vehicles can make excellent eye-catching rolling billboards. Perhaps IPDUSA could have a very unique rolling advertisement "shop truck" on the future? I would have no hesitance in sharing the name and number of the US importer in North Carolina from whom I purchased my most recent vehicle. Originally a member of the Swedish military, he is now a naturalized US citizen and works for Volvo Truck in the US.
      Take care.
      Jim Molloy

      #Overland #C304 #6x6Click here for the German video:• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •► Don't forget to subscribe to our...


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        The overlanding & car/minivan and truck camping has slowly been growing in the states. I love these camper builds and I'm working on my 2016 Tacoma truck camper now. This makes it easier for my family & I when we travel to the coast and want to camp near the beach. Its fun.

        Now; to have an IPD appointed camper/diagnostic vehicle on the road, stopping by every major city and offering our Volvo community would be great asset to our division but it will take time and the right team. It might happen.