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Northwest MogFest 2021

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  • Northwest MogFest 2021

    Hello to all!
    We are now less than one month from the start of Northwest MogFest 2021. The official dates are August 19th-22nd. We are anticipating an excellent showing of all sorts of European high mobility vehicles once again. This will, of course, include a broad spectrum of Volvo vehicles. The more Swedish vehicles participating, the better! XCs, AWDs, "lifted Volvos" are more than welcome.

    or more information, please go to our website: and our "NWMF" Facebook page ( ).

    Our theme this year is The Oregon Trail 2.0. If interested in attending, you can use the website portal or respond directly to: [email protected] .

    Have a great summer!. Safe travels,
    Take care, one and all

    Jim Molloy
    Waldersee Farm
    Sheridan, Oregon