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  • Thank you IPD!

    Hello to all!
    I am sure those who own or have interest in the Volvo C303/304/306 trucks will appreciate the addition of this sub-forum. I am very proud that Volvo chose to name this series of trucks their "Cross Country" models more than a quarter century before introducing the XC70 car model.
    Take care.

    Jim Molloy
    Waldersee Farm

    1975 Volvo TGB1314A 6x6 ambulance
    1976 Volvo AluZn TGB11 4x4
    1977 Volvo TGB1314A 6x6 ambulance (with OM617A turbodiesel conversion)

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    Thank you Jim! Very cool rigs for sure. I love seeing yours every year at our event. Looking forward to the next time we can all hang out!
    Chris Delano
    IPD Vice President
    [email protected]

    V70R Flash Green Test Mule / 2012 XC70 T6 Aventyr Project / 2010 XC60 T6 Aventyr Project / 2002 XC70 Soccer Car.


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      Yes, many thanks!


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        Chris and Greg,
        The thanks flow both ways. The opportunity to discuss these Volvo products is greatly appreciated. I have always had an extremely strong interest in things mechanical. Early in medical school, to keep my sanity, my wife (Emilie) and I restored a rare 1963 USMC American Motors Special Products Div. M422A1 "Mighty Mite". Prior to that, I owned the first 1973 VW Type 181 "Thing" to be imported into Texas (turning down a brand new 1972 North America spec Austrian-built Steyr-Puch 700AP Haflinger. I also did all my own wrenching on the Husqvarna and Penton (rebadged KTM) motorcyles I used to race motocross weekly throughout high school and early college.

        My first into to the Volvo military truck family was also in medical school when I was able to ride in an early 9033 "Valp" prototype that a Volvo car dealer in Houston brought in as a shop truck. They has swapped out the original B18 for a very hot B20. Not only was I impressed with the speed that could be achieved on the highway but the thought of seating for eight on the same footprint as a Jeep CJ5 was the ultimate in the "form follows function" efficient use of space that is so needed. A friend allowed me to copy three Swedish military operators manuals and parts and service manuals as I thought one of these little trucks MUST be in my future. He also gave me a copy of the earliest sales brochure of the C303 "Cross Counrty" truck line. Fast forward two and a half decades and I would purchase my first C303 4x4. That one made it you Garage Sale in 2005.

        I am going to post the pages from the original 1974 Volvo C303 Cross Counrty. Seems like a very good place to start.
        It you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
        Take care.

        Jim Molloy


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              It comes as no surprise that Volvo did crash testing of this vehicle in 1974 it it passed ALL safety standards required to be legal on US highways at the time. Volvo made preliminary plans to import these to the United States and a few market test units were brought in for automotive writers to test and drool over. Articles written at the time were VERY positive.