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10,000$ 850 dream build

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    I may be partial to this option but I would (did) buy a 1994 850 turbo off bring a trailer for $10K and when things break or wear out, replace them with higher performance parts.

    I bought this 850 turbo off bring a trailer from a dealer that finds interesting cars in impeccable condition, restores, and then sell them. The original owner used it as a daily driver for 10 years and then passed away. The car sat in a garage unmolested for 16 years (like it was froze/ preserved during an ice age and then thawed). I got my hands on it about a month ago and have already put about 1k miles on it. Only problem I had so far was the lambda light came on, but thanks to 05V70RGT I was able to find the issue and get it sorted.
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      Thanks for the honorable mention