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    Sometime, early in the pandemic, I was replacing my S80's PVC tube. Somehow I left the Parking Lights on or something and after a few weeks tried to start it. Nothing - on an 18 month old genuine Volvo battery that hurt!. Spent a few months trying to figure where my battery charger was before I eventually remembered that one of my brother in laws borrowed it a few years back. Jumped it but it wouldn't hold a charge. Finally I took it to an O'Reilly's yesterday, they cycled it (so they claim) a few times and pronounced it good.
    I put it in, started fine, but I've heard that once you really kill them they never come all the way back and can die suddenly. Since I replace my batteries every 36 months I guess I could just get a new one but I should have about 15 months left. I don't want to become stranded,

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    I did almost exactly the same thing to a genuine Volvo battery as well; and yes it hurts lol. I attempted to recharge it and was successful, then winter hit and the cold immediately zapped all juice and it would not hold a charge. Just bite the bullet and get a new battery. It’s piece of mind.


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      thanks, I kinda feel the same way. Guess I just needed confirmation.


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        Yes, I've spent way too much time trying to fix or recharge the battery I had in my 740 when I got it, but it was pointless, and I ended up getting a new one. Plus, these new ones are often safer...