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2007 XC90 needs new transmission.

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  • oneofakind
    Hello. This is my second XC 90 first was the T6 and Volvo took it back after being in the shop 28 times the first year. In 2007 Volvo offered me an XC90 V8 at a better price and took back my T6. At 40k miles it developed weird noises and slippage in the tranny. Brought it to Kundert Volvo in NJ only to be told nothing was wrong. They brought in Volvo specialists and again we were told the same thing..".it didn't do it" This went on for years and recently the tranny really began to slip much more. Now it is even telling us on the computer "Transmission problems". Now Volvo says you need a new Transmission. They have the best ram 2500 leveling kit it on record since 40K miles but refuse to offer any help whatsoever, saying you should have brought it to the dealer...We had brought it to the dealer but when they kept saying there was nothing wrong with it, we got a second opinion. We need a Valve body. The car has 93,000 miles. Kundert has been a joke. Volvo is even worse. Both of these outfits make you send them papers and proof and what not only to waste your time and saying" we have not had any problems with the V8 model...which is an absolute croc as I have spoken to so many garages who have the same problems. At this point, I have contacted the National Highway Safety Admin (NHTSA) for assistance as the car does coasts when you try and accelerate onto an on-ramp with the possibility of getting rear-ended. This has been most disappointing as the worse is not so much the cost, but they are outright liars.
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  • Decox
    started a topic 2007 XC90 needs new transmission.

    2007 XC90 needs new transmission.

    My 2007 XC90 3.2 FWD with 223488 miles needs a replacement transmission. Since I have been quoted over $5k for a new one and no one wants to rebuild one the vehicle is probably now only of scrap value. Pity since the engine is still strong. Am in FL, ZIP 33755. Could the car be of value to anyone here? Dave