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    I have a 1966 122s that needs some holes in the floor fixed. I have the metal to fix them and everything but just need someone to cut out the old metal and weld in the new. There is no interference from any crossmembers or anything so I believe it won’t be too hard.

    If anyone knows of anyone who could help me out with this I would so greatly appreciate it. (And yes, I will pay)

    Thank you all,

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    its not simple. thin sheet metal can't really be welded. Its all spot welded from the factory. that requires overlap and all the paint removed. then the problem arises how to seal bare metal inside the joint from moisture after spot welding it? In the factory they dip the cars so paint flows in around the spot welds. but you cant, and have to caulk the seam which doesn't work very well. It is possible to solder lead in as a filler but it must be very clean. some braze with brass, but that is extremely hot, past cherry red and the panels all warp and catch fire and cant be painted. You do see really talented tig welders butt welding sheet metal, but that is on old cars that have 1/16 inch metal like when they chop the top. Im not a body man, perhaps someone else can chime in. there is dielectric primer that you can spot weld through but that's a whole process and I wonder if its too good to be true.


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      It’s not easy for sure but can definitely be done with a bit of patience. I have welded a whole lot of sheet metal back into cars, just fixed the floors on my 78 GMC K2500 (454!). Had a few large holes in the driver floor, added some sheet metal and welded it to the rocker.

      When I bought my 240 the shop I took it to for inspection said I likely couldn’t weld the holes in the rockers, floors and trunk. They said it would have to be done from above and that I would need to remove all of the seats and carpet. I welded it all with my stick welder in my driveway, from underneath the car, upside down. It’s all set now and passed with flying colors at that same shop.

      Someone in your area will be able to do it. Be patient and find a good shop.