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850 Heico sportiv version

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  • 850 Heico sportiv version

    Was just browsing around craigslist and came across a 96 850 wagon Heico sportiv. I know about Heico’s role with Volvo and the BTCC and mid 2000 stuff. I just have never heard or seen a 850 version, anyone have any info about these cars? Can’t seem to find much online. In the pics it looks like it has a R front bumper and rear spoiler .

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    Pretty cool and rare find!! I found one for sale a few years back but it sold quick. I to had a hard time finding info about them, from what I gathered it was an appearance and handling pack, so it came with Heico wheels, R style bumper and spoiler, bigger sway bars and different shocks and struts all around. Where is it for sale ? Can you post a link to it ?


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      Seconded, I'd love to see some photos if you still have the listing! I love that old rare stuff.
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