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Which wagon to buy for college kid's first Volvo ?

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  • Which wagon to buy for college kid's first Volvo ?

    New to the forum, have a college kid and want to get him a Volvo wagon as the first car, practical, safe etc. Between 850, V70 and XC70 we are trying to decide which one is the right one ? Any of your past experience or advise is greatly appreciated.

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    All comes down to how much you are looking to spend.
    lots of quality 850’s still out there in wagon or sedan form. I had a 97 850 GLT wagon for 9 years and absolutely loved it, very very easy to work on dependable ass all hell, and when something does break parts are cheap, I also currently daily a 2003 v70 t5, also a wonderful car, some more modern touches and computers, but still a very fun,safe reliable car, do you live somewhere that requires awd?

    if you go the V70 or xc70 route I would stick to 2003 and up as the 01-02 had transmission issues, find something with a good service history and clean carfax.
    pretty much any 850 from 94-97 will be a wonderful car as long as it been maintained well through its life, all the Volvo norms should be addressed like the PCV, timing belt, tensioner and idler pulley are big ones.


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      after the 850 they are really not Volvo any more. If you dont care about fast then get a non turbo 5 speed. 96. is the best year. full OBD computer and no EGR valve. be warned they are maintenance hogs all of them. they constantly need a cam belt, struts, rack, heater core, fuel pump, door check, abs module, brakes of all sort, crankcase vent tubes. they are very heavy cars and were meant for rich people. a turbo costs 45K in 96 which is like 100 k now. maby you should get a Prius


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        A non-turbo P2 (2001-2007) V70 or S60 would be a good choice, since FWD only with no turbo means less variables for maintenance. Service history is super important! You ideally want a car that, if you go for one that's almost 20 years old, has had timing and serpentine belt (plus the pulleys/tensioners) serviced at proper intervals. Also people always forget to get their PCV system serviced in a timely manner and that can cause a whole host of issues from burning oil to small or catastrophic oil leaks.
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          So our family had this discussion just last fall when our son turned 16. We've continuously owned a Volvo since 1995 (Our Autumn Gold Metalic Pearl 850) and several others. We chose to pass down my 2005 XC70 since it was the biggest, heaviest car in the stable with true mountain goat capabilities for commuting over the WV mountains between home and WVU in the winter. FYI, you can push through 14 inches of snow with a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks when needed. Our 99 V70 XC didn't have side curtains, only bolster airbags. C30 (too fast). 2004 V70 T5 (also too fast). 850 (too rare).

          The long of this is that our son was volunteering as a camp counselor in the national forest in Tucker County, WV last week and this. On their Saturday evening off between the weekly camps, all the 16-17 year old counselors took an outing. On the way back at 11:15 p.m., he failed to negotiate a 110 degree downhill turn after a long straight stretch just after a rain. No sharp turn sign, no guard rails. He an his best bud departed the road about 100 feet laterally, which was also a 100 foot vertical drop. The car came to rest against a Tulip Poplar inverted. The good. NO injuries. The boys got scratched by briars climbing their way back up the hill, but that was it. Called 911 while hanging inverted in the seat belts. The car is totaled, but who cares. It served it's purpose. I think any lesser car may have cost us our only son. My two cents worth. The camp director and also the wrecker driver are now shopping Volvos. Please see attached pictures.
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