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  • Hello to IPD+ from Arizona

    After almost 20 years in Portland, my wife and I finally left the city of roses and moved to Tucson last year.

    The big, hot, shiny thing popping up in the sky here every single day intimidated me at first, but after a few months I got used to it. Simultaneously, I have forgotten how that wet substance that fell from the Portland sky (sometimes from the ground upwards as well, and sideways, and diagonally) every day (and night) was called. I don't think anyone here remembers its name either.

    Seriously now, the South West is amazing, I won't be leaving this place anytime soon. I do miss shopping at IPD in person and having more Volvos in the junkyards than laundry detergent at Fred Meyer. At the Pull'N-Save in Phoenix, most Volvos actually sit in the 'exotic section', and their parts cost extra. Even a 940 wagon –usually more ubiquitous than timber over there– is considered a rare specimen, worthy of this pricier group.

    Portland has changed dramatically over the last decade, but in the last 2-3 years it seems the city has been hit from absolutely every possible front. I hope you are all hangin on over there, it's still a beautiful place.


    PD: This is a picture of our 940 wagon, fully loaded after leaving Oregon –and carrying 5 bicycles, one of them a heavy, dutch cargo bike– through the Death Valley in California. As shown, it climbed up from the hottest place on earth, which was 115° on that day, without complaining. I've never heard the coolant boiling so fervently though, I had to stop twice to check under the hood because the steam blowing from the coolant reservoir made it sound like an air compressor about to explode. It took us to our destination without a single incident.

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    Hey dude! Sorry for not saying hi earlier, welcome to the forum!! First off, that 940 is gorgeous. As a fellow 940 driver I approve. Glad to hear you're enjoying the sunny southwest, maybe someday you can come back up north and see us at our next Garage Sale or something. Anyway, hit me up if you ever need anything, I'm on the customer service team so I'm here to help.
    Customer Service guy | [email protected] | 800-444-6473 ext. 181