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  • Newb from Canada

    I’ve always wanted a Volvo wagon and a few days ago got one. A 960 that looks pretty good based on the photos. I bought it sight unseen and won’t have it in my possession until the end of the month. It was parked with a suspected blown head gasket. I’ll go over the car with a fine comb and see what’s what. However the engine and autobox will probably come out and an Aluminum block Ls going in with a new Tremec TKX 5 speed manual behind it. I built a Porsche 968 with an LS6 that’s very nice but the Volvo will be my Mexican invisible car. I spend half the year in Mexico and want a car for the Mexican roads. It should have lots of suspension travel and good damping and lots of passing power. The roads I drive on are 2 lane through the hills with tight twisties and short straights. So it’s a project.

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    Welcome aboard and looking forward to your project build. Please keep us updated. Thanks.