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Greetings from NW Portland (noob alert)

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  • Greetings from NW Portland (noob alert)

    So here I am actually doing the traditional and obligatory introductory post check me out... So i just discovered that ipd is actually in Portland where I live and when I say just, I mean just...i was sitting here yesterday mulling over shipping options for a tune-up kit for my 97 850 GLT when I noticed the pickup in store option..."hmm..." I said out loud to no one in particular so I look a little closer and then I saw the address
    ... so I'm in that weird place where I feel like a genius for actually finding ipd as a source for my Volvo parts and a dumdum for not realizing they are a 15min drive away...

    so yeah hello! okay well off to ipd I go!
    Stay tuned

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    Nice mustache Spike. You may know this but gunius and dumdum share the same coin and it is very thin. All the best to you, Greg Davis.