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Getting back to Volvo - Northern Idaho

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  • Getting back to Volvo - Northern Idaho

    Years ago used to have Volvos. Wife drove a 242 and I had a 704T wagon. Loved that wagon. Back in those days I lived in Portland and enjoyed coming to the IPD events. Now retired to a ranch in Northern Idaho where I enjoy my cars and having our horses right at home

    Getting the itch again and been looking at older rigs out there. My personal tastes lean toward the 740 and perhaps more so to the 850 Estates, especially since I now live in a place that gets a bit of snow. Like the idea of AWD, but what I'm reading is that the transmissions are challenges on the earlier ones, needing to find out more about the earliest 99-2000 awd held up better.

    Sadly, the cars I'm finding are pretty rough. What's got me super motivated today is a 850 Estate, non turbo but its got less that 50K miles in like new condition that came up. Very pricey when I include shipping, but its drop dead beautiful. Trying to rationalize if I can live without a turbo, just fwd in the snow, and shallow the price.

    Cars we have
    2014 Rav 4, everyday car
    2011 Chevy HD 3500
    2005 Z4

    1997 Toyota Century - Currently stored in Japan till late fall 2022.