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    Volvo Noob here. I live in Nashville and am looking to add a 240 (sedan or wagon) to the stable. I enjoy tinkering on old euro bikes and, more recently, cars (getting kinda crazy out there on the roads!)

    My son is turning 16 in 3 months and will likely have his license in 3 months and 1 day. Looking forward to finding a 240 and digging into the forums!

    —John Lewis
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    I have a 1984 Volvo 245 intercooled turbo wagon "project" with a lot on brand new parts that I purchased for this project. (some are very rare or hard to find parts) A retirement downsizing forces sale. Contact me if you would like to discuss. The car is in Belleville, IL, just east of ST Louis, MO.

    This might be a good Father/Son project.


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      Thanks for letting me know! If it had the LH Jet I might be interested— I don’t think I could handle dealing with another K Jet car in this lifetime. Good luck with the sale!