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IPD's 2021 Photo Contest

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  • IPD's 2021 Photo Contest

    Welcome to IPD Volvo's 2021 Photo Contest!

    It's time for our annual photo contest! This is one of IPD's most popular events, and for good reason! Who doesn’t like to show off their beloved and trusty Swedish Steel? Whether it be a daily driver or a concourse beauty queen, we hope you dig into the closet, dust off the old polaroid and take some quality shots of your pride and joy to share with the world.
    If you can win the vote of the Volvo Community you may win a $100 IPD Gift Card!
    We will follow a similar format as last year where we have 7 categories with one winner in each. While we'd love to see where you've taken your Volvo, we'd also love to see those gorgeous beauty and rolling shots as well. Be assured that winners will not be selected based on where the shots were taken but rather the overall quality, composition and interest of the photos as we have in the past.

    We have heard your previous critiques on the images we chose and have built a new team here at IPD to go through all the entries provided and do a thorough picking process for finalists, with all of your issues and concerns in mind! The astute staff here at IPD will narrow down the entries to the finalists and we will again bring the final vote to the people for the winners of each category.
    If you can get the stamp of approval from your fellow Volvo lovers then you may be a winner.

    Good luck!

    Please note, quality and composition matter most for winning.

    It's time to hit up your local automotive photographer for this photo contest,
    because we do not accept phone photo's as entries.
    The Rules
    1. Physical photos need to be at least 5”x7” or the largest possible .jpg/ .png/ .ai files.
    2. If there are people in the photo, a signed release must accompany the photo.
    3. Limit two entries per person, please. Only 3 photos per person will be accepted. If you send links to photobucket sites or forums etc. it will be impossible to enter your car in the contest, so choose the 3 photos that you think have the best shot and send those in!
    4. In your email, please include:

      - YOUR NAME
      - YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS (if you have one)
    5. Entries must be received no later than May 26th, 2021. There will be no extensions!

    Schedule for Submissions

    Submit Images Starting: March 26th through May 26th
    Community Voting Starts: May 31st through June 4th
    Winners Announced: June 9th Via Email, Blog Updates and Social Media.
    Each winner will recieve a response to their original email with their prize!

    *If you are mailing in a photo, please include “Photo Contest Entry“ on the envelope and your name,
    the year and model number of the car on the back of the photo.

    **If you're e-mailing your photo, please name the file(s) following this example: meganrussell1970140.jpg (name,year,model,.jpg).

    In your email, please include:

    YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS (if you have one)


    Non-digital copies send to:
    IPD Photo Contest, P.O. Box 20339, Portland, OR 97294-9906

    Digital copies send to:
    Send your .jpg / .png / .ai images to [email protected]

    If you have any questions,
    please email our Marketing Director directly at:
    [email protected]
    By sending in your Volvo photo, you'll get a crack at a $100 gift certificate
    that you can use toward any IPD parts or accessories.

    As we did last year, the finalists we choose will be put into a poll and the winners will be chosen by YOU, our Volvo Community.

    Best photo winner from each category wins a $100 IPD Gift Certificate


    Best Two Door: A 2 door is a 2 door including hatchbacks. That includes you C30, we're watching you.

    Best Four Door: A 4 door sedan is different than a 4 door wagon. We have a separate category for that!

    Best Cross Country: V70XC, XC60, XC70, XC90 1998-newer. That means you, our overlanding lovers!

    Best Wagon: If itus a non SUV wagon you're in the right place!

    Best Work Or Play: Photo of your Volvo working hard or helping you enjoy your time in the outdoors no matter what model Volvo.

    Best Hoopty: See Ubran Dictionaries definition of "Hoopty"

    Best Pet: Our newest addition to the Photo Contest! You can now submit your Volvo Pet pictures!
    Contest Details and User Agreement

    ** By submitting a photo, you release the rights and allow us to use your name and photo in any way that IPD chooses
    ie: Website, social media and blogging media purposes.

    ** You must own the rights to the photo you are submitting.

    ** You may not enter the same photo in multiple categories. Only two photos will be allowed per person.

    ** You must clearly indicate which category you'd like each photo to be entered in.

    ** One person may not win multiple categories.

    ** There will be one winner in each of the categories that will win $100 in the form of an IPD gift certificate.

    ** If you're e-mailing your photo, file(s) must follow this example: meganrussell1970140.jpg (name,year,model,.jpg).

    ** Also include in the email which category you are entering.

    ** Entries must be submitted by May 26th!
    Photo Winning Tips

    - Be creative.

    - Make the focal point of the photo be the Volvo and not the mountains or scenery behind it.

    - Do not take pictures of your car in your driveway after you just finished washing it.

    - No low quality phone pictures.

    - Avoid other car makes being in the photo. It's a bit tacky to have a photo of your 850 with a Ford Explorer sitting right next to it.

    - Resolution! Make your photos large enough for us to use in publications.

    - Other than that, have fun and again, be creative. Good luck!

    In the meantime, use any of our hashtags #ipd #ipdusa #ipdvolvo on your social media posts for a chance to be reshared!
    Thank you and good luck!

    Marketing is an account ran by our Marketing Director.

    If you are having any issues with our Forum, please contact us directly at [email protected]

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    I'm really looking forward to this years entries. Good luck everyone!!!