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  • 1999 V70xc

    We have owned this beauty for about 14 years. Searched high and low for a clean XC. we are the 3rd owners and have taken excellent care of it. This has been my wife’s favorite car. We have maintained it religiously and replaced parts with OEM or IPD only. It is very clean for a 1999. Probably the cleanest ‘99 I’ve seen. The original engine overheated in 2015. We replaced it with a lower mileage unit from the same year car. (appx $3500). The engine mileage is appx 30k less than chassis. Pulled the driveline last year. The carrier bearing needs replacing. If you know these cars then you know it is just fine in FWD. Everything works as it should. The transmission is starting to act up in reverse only. All forward gears are great. Lots more info to share. Sadly time to move on. Kids need cars. Asking $4500

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    Hey whats up I have a 1998 v70xc one year older than yours. when i was looking to purchase this car the transmission was starting to go first reverse gear acted up and then a little later on the forward gears started slipping. i got this car cheap and the reason was the transmission was going out. you might be better off just having the transmission rebuilt i just had mine done for 1400.00 everything back to normal now. even-though you mention kids need a car this is the safest car ever made and you would be better off having a vehicle like this to protect your children in versus everything that's out on the market today is all plastic.