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  • FOR SALE 1967 122S 130 Amazon

    Fully restored 1967 Volvo Amazon 122S

    This car is a full restoration project done carefully over the course of years. Records indicate parts acquired for this restoration were amassed from the early 1990's to about 2005 when the actual restoration work was begun and all new parts installed. The full restoration was done by a renown Volvo master from Dallas, Texas and the car then won a string of "Best in Show" awards after it was completed and back on the road beginning in 2009. During restoration the body was stripped, prepared and painted with a high quality and beautiful original color paint job (color code 79/Pearl White). All rust issues were completely addressed prior to paint and were minimal. All rubber body and window seals were replaced and the car is tight (like an old Volkswagen) . Glass is all in great condition and almost all factory issue. Upholstery is excellent as are door panels, headliner and floor and trunk rubber coverings. The restoration addressed all components and systems on the car. Since the restoration was completed the car has been well driven, meticulously maintained and currently this Amazon remains in excellent condition overall. It is a pleasure to drive and so much fun to own. I bought the car in 2015 from the Volvo expert in Texas who restored and owned for many years. Since then I have refreshed all finishes and systems, and driven it only sparingly during the dry summer months. It has spent most of the last number of years in my heated garage under a car cover. $22,500

    B20 Engine (.30 over) - This motor was remanufactured by Volvo - Sweden in the early 1990's and remained crated and in a garage in Texas until it was installed in this restoration project in about 2005. The factory motor rebuild was done via the fabled Volvo Remanufacturing program. Volvo Sweden completely goes through a motor and replaces and rebuilds any and all worn parts and remanufactures the motor to exacting and original factory spec's and tolerances. As Volvo advertising indicates remanufactured parts and systems are returned to the same standards as new parts. The speedometer was reset to zero when the remanufactured engine was installed and now reads about 57K. The restoration was completed in about 2009. The owner who restored the car, drove the car daily and including some touring. It is a rock solid motor and runs extremely well. Does not burn or leak oil. It has excellent power and pulls very strongly through all gear ranges. Runs cool and has an after-market auxiliary electric fan mounted on the front of the radiator to handle even Texas heat. One long time extreme Volvo expert told me my Volvo factory remanufactured B20 (.30 over) engine is "the best pushrod Volvo engine ever" and suggested that "given proper maintenance and tune, it will go at least 250K between valve jobs and easily over 500K on existing bearings, rings and cam" The head was serviced in 2013 with new head gasket, freshly machined head, also all tune-up parts (plugs, cap, rotor, condenser) and a new water pump installed. Original generator has been replaced with a modern Bosch alternator.

    M40 4speed transmission & clutch - Shifts smoothly and is quiet and solid.

    Bendix AM Radio - The AM radio dial and face were retained but the radio has been converted to an FM radio for much better programming and content.

    Air Conditioning and Heat - the original "York" 2 cylinder Air Conditioner compressor has been replaced with a modern and efficient "Sanders" rotary compressor and the system blows extremely cold and more than adequate. Cold air delivered via the original aftermarket (dealer installed) under dash unit and it works very well. Heater motor and unit functions as intended and does a great job.

    Brakes - Front disc and rear drum brakes were completely gone through recently. Car brakes very well and is straight as an arrow under heavy braking.

    Safety Belts - Modern 3-point retractable seat belts and latches have been installed (X4) for comfort and safety.

    Tires and Rims - Currently sporting beautiful 15X6 Panasport aluminum wheels and Michelin Defender tires (all new). The stock factory 15 inch steel powder coated wheels (I have all 5), tires, hubcaps and beauty rings come with the car too.

    Recently installed new parts and upgrades:
    • New high capacity brushed aluminum air cleaners (also still have factory parts)
    • New 100 watt halogen driving lamps (front bumper mounted)
    • New Hella high output headlamps
    • Fresh front end alignment
    • New Koni adjustable shocks all 4 corners
    • Brakes rebuilt, fresh pads, shoes and wheel cylinders, parking brake adjust
    • New Panasport 8-spoke aluminum wheels (still have 5 stock rims, tires, beauty rings and hubcaps)
    • New limiter straps
    • New dual tone horns (have old parts)
    • New license plate lights/lenses
    • New headlight dipper switch
    • New dash Pad
    • New sport muffler/silencer
    • New Bosch spark plug wire set
    • New Interstate Battery

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