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1990 Vovlo 240 Wagon in Excellent Condition

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  • 1990 Vovlo 240 Wagon in Excellent Condition

    - SOLD - This beautiful Volvo 240 Wagon has been well loved throughout it's whole life and is ready for a new home. It was originally owned by one family in Arroyo Grande, California for for over 30 years. They had it serviced at least twice a year since 1990, including oil changes and any mechanical work that it ever needed. It comes with a stack of maintenance records to document it's history. It's in excellent condition and has no leaks or significant rust.

    In the 90s, the original owner added a tow hitch and used it to tow his 14' sail boat. Over the past 8 years, this car has only driven about 15,000 miles total and mostly rested under an awning. In August, I drove it to Portland, OR from Arroyo Grande and it had no problems aside from a minor coolant leak that has since been fixed. It now has a new cooling system installed, including a new Volvo water pump, a Nissens radiator, and new hoses.

    The car is in excellent condition. The paint looks good. The lights, speakers, power windows and locks work. The engine sounds great. It drives straight, feels smooth, accelerates and stops well, and is VERY safe and reliable.

    I will consider any reasonable offers. Hoping to sell to someone who will continue to take great care of this special car! I can also refer you to my mechanic for maintenance. He has specialized in Volvo 240s for over 23 years!

    Here is a link to a video of the car:

    Below is a complete list of work that's been done since it got to Portland:

    Oil Change (September 2021)
    New Bilstein B4 Rear Shocks (September 2021)
    New OEM Volvo Water Pump (September 2021)
    New OEM Nissens Radiator and Hoses (September 2021)
    New Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (September 2021)
    New Shifter Bushings (September 2021)
    New Fuel Pump Relay (September 2021)
    New Brake Hoses (September 2021)
    New Brake Fluid (September 2021)
    New Rear Brake Rotors (September 2021)
    New Hood Cable (September 2021)
    New Rain-X Windshield Wipers (September 2021)
    New Overdrive Solenoid Bypass Plate (August 2021)

    ...And here are some highlights from the previous owner's more recent service history:

    Passed California SMOG (August 2021)
    New Air Filter (July 2021)
    New Battery (March 2018)
    New A/C Compressor Mounting Bushings (November 2016)
    New Driver Side Ball Joint (November 2016)
    New V Belts (November 2016)
    New Timing Belt (September 2015)
    New Tires (2014)
    New Muffler (August 2013)
    New Rear Brake Pads (April 2013)
    New Catalytic Converter (August 2012)
    New Oxygen Sensor (July 2012)

    The brake pads and tires still have plenty of life in them, as the car has barely been driven over the past 8 years!

    The only problems it has are minor. They are:

    Odometer stopped in 2018 at 247,317
    Center brake light is out (not illegal)
    Squeaky windshield wiper arm
    Some minor dents and scrapes
    Some cracked interior plastic
    Driver's seat has a tear
    A/C does not work

    Feel free to contact me with questions!
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    This car has sold. I am always collecting and fixing up 240s though, so if you're interested in what I have feel free to reach out! [email protected]