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Reposting: Make an Offer! 1979 2-Door 240 Volvo with manual transmission

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  • Reposting: Make an Offer! 1979 2-Door 240 Volvo with manual transmission

    Hey there Volvo Owners and Enthusiasts!

    I'm giving this forum another try... Just below are the two pictures I took of the Volvo while I was visiting my parents on 17 August 2022. The pictures of the interior were taken after I cleaned out the inside of the Volvo on 3 June 2022.

    I have seen cars in much worse shape be resurrected... please consider this one! MAKE AN OFFER!

    You can find additional photos of this Volvo at the Google album I created; here is the link:

    This is the link to the video I made of the interior after I cleaned it:
    [VIDEO ][/VIDEO]

    In any case, any interest, information, and/or recommendations are welcome. If you would like more comprehensive information, please message me and I will be happy to give you my Dad's contact information (he does not have Facebook or email). Heck, feel free to MAKE AN OFFER!

    Thank you for your time and for taking a look!


    Krista Sweet (a Volvo enthusiast at heart)

    -Rebuilt engine
    -IPD lowering springs
    -IPD sway bars
    -IPD sport exhaust
    -IPD spoiler
    -Air Dam
    -Power steering
    -AC with new compressor, but in need of condenser and hoses (has been sealed up)
    -Extra dashboard with NO cracks
    -New Clutch
    -New fuel system but tank in need of draining/cleaning and new fuel
    This car is located in Mathews County, Virginia.

    If you are genuinely interested, please message me here! Thank you all for taking the time to look!