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VIDA DiCE available in Central Washington

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  • VIDA DiCE available in Central Washington

    I know how annoying random dash messages can be and how frustrating diagnostics are. The problem is worse when the nearest shop with VIDA DiCE is 100 miles away and is going to charge Seattle rates.

    Just got a setup recently and if you want codes read/cleared, ATF counter reset, transmission adaption set, etc... I am in Kittitas county and can do so while social distancing pretty easily as the cord is about 6 ft. All you gotta do it plug it in the OBDII.

    Throwing it out there just in case someone needs it, asking minimal compensation/quid pro quo. (Is that against the rules? I didn't see it in the rules)

    2001 V70 T5 - current
    1996 850 GLT - given away
    2002 V70XC - sold
    1986 740 GLE - scrapped