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Paint shop recommendations?

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  • Paint shop recommendations?

    When I got the 544 it had primer on it, but it'll need to be stripped to address some rust and painted properly.

    Anyone have a lead on a shop or someone in the Portland area who paints cars but doesn't charge an arm and a leg? Just an arm will do

    Doesn't need to be a museum quality job. Maaco is an option but I'd rather support a small business if possible.

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    Second this inquiry, my old 242 is in line for new paint in Portland...


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      Give Peter Schroeder at Bridgetown Customs & Collision a call, his number is (971) 340-5421. He's a great guy and will be able to help you out. Give him a try.


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        Thanks! I'll give him a shout


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          Bridgetown gave a quick ballpark figure of 15-30k

          Looks like this'll be a DIY job to tide me over to a professional job


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            I remember years ago and I mean years ago...there was a thread about a Volvo enthusiast that painted his car with a paint roller. It actually came out pretty good. Once I find that I'll post it.


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              Thanks! I've heard of the paint roller technique, and I'm curious to see how it turned out. I also found someone who can match Volvo factory paint and put them in single stage rattle cans. It won't be perfect by any means as I'm doing it, but it'll be the precise shade I've been dreaming of~


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                Here is a link to a great a video that helped me out a lot when I was on "really low paint budget". Give it a viewing,